06 July, 2014

Washable markers for quilting

In the past I rarely used markers for my quilts. The ones specifically designed for quilting were expensive and I had to order them abroad. Now I can find them in Romania too but they are still expensive.
This reason and the fact that marking a quilt top for quilting takes time made me completely ignore this option.

Then a little  nephew arrived into the world and I bought him some washable markers.

Washable markers for quilting

And I tried them on my quilts and I am extremely happy with them. I tested them ...

Washable markers for quilting

and I tested them again recently.

I had to mark a top then to fuse pieces on the marked top. You know what this means- ironing over the marking!!! I even forgot water in the iron and I pressed with steam!

Washable markers for quilting
I washed the quilt and all the markings completely washed out.
Washable markers for quilting

Try the washable markers for kids that many brands have (I saw some on Crayola website too). Someone told me that she has the same brand as mine and they did not wash out. I heard about Crayola the same thing: for some they work, for others not. I think they were not exactly the same products.
The only way to found out is to try it for yourself.

If you mark your quilt top, then it is best to wash the quilt. Some quilters are afraid to wash their quilts; I wash everything I quilt and never had a problem. I hand wash the small quilts but the large quilts I wash in the washing machine.
I always use a small amount of gentle detergent.

It's essential to have a marker you trust in. Sooner or later you will need one.
I love the freedom these markers bring me! I love that they are cheap and available in many colors!
I hope you will find your favorite markers too!


PS. Now you know what my new quilt is all about! I will show you next week!

Edited to add

See here the finished quilt

Washable markers for quilting


  1. Following your recommendation I bought some of these pens and they certainly work well. (Like Lori I find the blue ones expensive and they dry out very quickly. The mauve "vanishing" pens disappear within an hour or so, instead of the 48 hours claimed, in our damp Normandy climate). I shall be stocking up on the Bic pens at "back to school" time when they will be even cheaper in the hypermarket! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Thank you Geta, this is one of the best tips I have read in a long time. Of course, if they wash out of kids clothes and your tablecloth, they would wash out of a quilt top, and they come in many fun colours and are very cheap. I am going to test out a set for me.

  3. I agree with you Geta, I use crayola markers constantly, and always wash my quilts when I finish. Never had a problem with the marks not coming out. I didn't try going over it with the iron though :)))

  4. If you have difficulty marking your fabric with them, try washing the fabric before marking. Many chemicals used in the dyes and finishing products on fabric resist marking tools of all sorts. Geta: did you try leaving a quilt sample in the sun after you washed out the markings? UV light sometimes makes various markers "reappear", and can even result in a brownish tint that is nearly impossible to remove.

  5. Geta, I will definitely try these pens, too. Thanks, Sally for your advice as well. I don't think THE PERFECT Pen exists, so it's nice to have many options. Lori

  6. Have you tried mechanical pencil? It comes out pretty easily in the wash as well.

  7. Thank you for the tip I will buy some and try them out. I am like you I find quilting supplies to be very expensive...take care

  8. OMG!!! I absolutely LOVE this washable marker idea for quilting use!! I have long coveted those fancy name brand colored pencils, but this is EVEN BETTER.



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