19 July, 2014

A New Hexy Bag

And a surprise I planned with my friend Luminita.
I gave the hexagon virus to her some time ago and here is her first project.
She stitched the hexagon front and I stitched the bag.  A present for one of her friends made out of her first hexagon flowers.
I love a few types of interfacing but I love the look and feel of a quilted bag too.

I quilted everything on a layer of batting and a home decor fabric.

The black fabric is heavyweight cotton from Ikea.

It has a zipper closure and a crisp lining (I added interfacing to it).

I learned to make an infinity scarf too! I am so glad I had a chance to make one. I am sure I will make a few this fall.

Have a great weekend,


  1. What a wonderful Hexie-bag and the quilting is gordius a perfect gift!

  2. I love the spiral quilted on the bag's back!

  3. Infinity scarf? Sounds great! The bag is awesome, good team of quilters! Hugs.

  4. This bag is so beautiful! I love the colorful hexies and the quilting is gorgeous. I LOVE all your projects!

  5. Wonderful quilting! It makes this project so special!

  6. Beautiful bag! I love the colors. The dark makes the bright hexies pop. And the quilting is perfect.

  7. Это очень красиво!

  8. Geta, this hexie bag is so lovely and your quilting is so inspiring.

  9. It's a bag with two wonderful faces!
    A perfect choice for the hexies!

  10. You are such a sweet friend to sew her hexies into this gorgeous bag, which highlights her beautiful hexies! Your quilting makes all things beautiful!!




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