28 January, 2014

Quilting and texture

Today I wanted to try something new, so I started to play with a Tanya Whelan fabric bundle.
These are not the colors I usually use but they are so lovely.

The second new thing was this grid quilting. Whenever I see a large quilt quilted with such a grid, I have a great admiration for the quilter. It's easy to quilt  small pieces but for large quilts I imagine a lot of patience is required.

View from the batting side, I did not use backing.

It was a pleasure to mix different prints.

I will show you what I will make with them soon.

Here is what I made with these quilted pieces


  1. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  2. Wow, great quilting and lovely fabrics!

  3. Lovely print fabrics, new quilting, a new start, what can be?

  4. Pe sufletul meu, totul!Si materialele si quiltuitul.
    Portofele noi scrie pe ele, parca...

  5. Beautiful work! I love the grid quilting and the circular design, too. I have been playing with a REAL walking foot on my Bernina (not the gadget on my Pfaff) and I am also taken by the beauty of it all. I look forward to seeing how you use/finish these.

  6. Your grids are fabulous! Love the long clean lines. Thanks for another so many amazing ideas!

  7. When you did the spiral quilting, was it free motion or did you turn the quilt and do it walking foot style?

  8. What beautiful textures you can create! They are just perfect!
    Can't wait to see what this will be.
    {Your quilting always amazes me, Geta!)



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