14 January, 2014

Quilt Inspiration

I saw this quilt today on Pinterest and I had to share it with you.
I don't buy black and white fabrics (because I don't like black color). A friend of mine sent me some time ago a bag with big black and white scraps. I adore the bags I made with them.

Now here is a new reason to love black and white fabrics. And what could I say about the rainbow circles ?



  1. My very 1st quilt class, we made a Roman Stripe. The class sample used vibrant primary colors...and black. I was NOT going to use black and that was all there was to it! So I used....dark navy blue! (what is the big difference you say? NO CLUE! lol). I learned ALOT about color on that quilt. Now I like to use black to make my favorite brights POP!

  2. That is a gorgeous quilt! Great inspiration!



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