31 January, 2014

Large Tote Bag

More than 3 years ago I made a large tote bag for a new mom in our family - my youngest sister Nico. My little nephew Alex visits with us very often and I am already sick of that bag! I had to make a new one-  bigger!
faux leather large tote bag

faux leather large tote bag

faux leather large tote bag

The back is different.

faux leather large tote bag
I love the 2 color straps. The black straps is just a little wider than the white one.

faux leather large tote bag

faux leather large tote bag
Have a great weekend,

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Liv Aagots Quilteblogg said...

What a trendy and lovely bag you have made!

Vicki W said...

What a cool bag!

Nicole said...

Geta, you make the best bags!

torinainstitches said...

Holy shit, this is amazing! Nice work!

Maria said...

I've always enjoyed and admired your fabric bags, now I'm equally enjoying you pleather ones. It's beautiful.

Helen said...

Like the crisp classy look of the black and white with the rich raspberry color for the lining. Beautiful!!

Mary Pat Callihan said...

Wow Geta! This bag is so classy! I saw someone say it was "pleather"? What is that? I really enjoy following you. :)

legato1958 said...

This new bag is stunning... so sophisticated and yet functional! I can't believe how accurately you can sew pleather and make it looks so easy, Geta!
This is such a beautiful gift for your sister!


Bonny said...

You are so talented - your work is just gorgeous!

Alexandra said...

De exceptie!

DeAnna S said...

Great bag! l love the colors and the design.

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Classy bag and great color combo!

Lynn said...

Beautiful bag and so attractive with the contrasting colors and different designs on opposite sides.


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