04 December, 2013

Tutorial- raw edge applique

Learn how to sew this little quilt with the easiest and fastest technique: fusible raw edge applique.

fusible raw edge applique tutorial

raw edge applique tutorial
Quilt size: 20'' x 20
Fabric: Kona cotton

Tools and materials
  • background fabric : 22'' x 22''
  • colored fabrics of your choice
  • batting and backing
  • fusible web  (Wonder Under or Heat ‘n Bond or Vliesofix) 
  • water soluble pen.
Print the design
Download and print out the pattern.
DOWNLOAD the Pattern

Assemble the pattern
Tape the pages together. To easily tape one page to another, remove the right margin of the first page (cut on the red dashed line) and tape the first page to the second page, and so on across the row. Use a similar method to tape the rows together.

Transfer the design to the background fabric
Use a light box or tape the paper pattern onto a window. Use water-soluble pen.
If you use a very light color fabric, lay it on the floor and slip the paper pattern under the fabric; if you can see the lines, there is no need to transfer the design on fabric.

Prepare the applique pieces

Reverse the paper pattern (flip it over) and tape it onto a window.
Copy the swirl design (the grey pieces of the printed pattern) to the paper side of the fusible web.
Add the corresponding label to each piece.
Cut them out leaving an allowance (about 1/4″).
Then fuse each piece of fusible web on to the wrong side of your fabric of choice.

Cut on the lines...

and peel off the paper backing. 
Repeat for all the pieces.

Applique the design
Fuse all the applique pieces onto the background fabric.
You could stitch down the edges of the appliqué pieces at this stage (use a straight or
zig-zag stitch).

You have to press the applique pieces and the iron will touch the drawing lines.
Make sure you test your water soluble pen before!
Usually I prefer to make the quilt sandwich first then to secure the edges of the appliques stitching (quilting) through all the layers.

I used invisible thread (in the needle) and a narrow and short zig-zag stitch.

Here is the back.

Then quilt as desired.

raw edge applique tutorial
Another look with just two colors. Which one is your favorite ?


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  1. Wow! I love the optical illusion effect you get from the fabric placement! The quilting really takes the quilt to the next level. Amazing!

  2. Seems you had some fun with all the colorful designs. Looks cool!

  3. Thank you Geta for this tuto! Your quilt is amazing, I love it! All the patterns are tempting!

  4. Спасибо за мастер-класс! Работа потрясающая!!!

  5. Thank you very much for sharing this with us! It's amazing! Congrats!

  6. Sehr schön...und vielen Dank für die Anleitung dazu.

  7. This would be great in red and white for a Christmas peppermint candy!

  8. This is a really cool block! Thanks for the tutorial!

  9. I love the effects you created with this quilt. A great tutorial and a big thank you for sharing with us.

  10. I love the one you made, the multicolored one.
    Thanks for the tutorial

  11. Greta, you did it again. Gorgeous work! I prefer the rainbow of colors, it is so happy and pleasing to the eye. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

  12. a wonderful design and colourful too

  13. Awesome design. I love it. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I've put this on my to-do list!

  14. I prefer the multi-coloured quilt although if I made one, it would likely be only 2 colours. As always your quilting is impeccable.
    I shared on Pinterest.

  15. Thank you Geta for all the wonderful things you are sharing with us. I wil really lov to try this after christmas.

    hugs from me in Denmark

  16. Your work is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing it and all the tips so freely. I love both your pieces for the Aurifil bloghop too.

  17. A very very fun pattern!! And I love the quilting too. The other patterns are intriguing it looks as if they are turning, don't you think?

  18. I love it. At first, it looked so difficult, but after going through your tutorial, I can see myself making a whole quilt with these. thanks for sharing

  19. Beautiful Geta!! Thank you for sharing!

  20. I would name this beautiful quilt "Fluttering Ribbons." Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us!

  21. Hi, I would love to try this pattern. However, I am having a horrible time trying to print it. Do you have any suggestion?

  22. Such a fantastic design! Thank you for sharing.

  23. I love your work. So beautiful and I will try to do that.
    I´m from São Paulo, Brasil.
    Thanks for share with us your wisdom.

  24. I truly appreciate the beauty of your quilts. You are very creative and I'm so happy that you have shared some of your wisdom.You have an incredible talent. I'm just starting out and it's mind boggling to be able to do things so perfectly.

  25. My niece wants a gray and white quilt. I may have to figure out how to do this on a large scale! Perhaps I will start with a pillow.

    It's a fun and lovely design! Just trying to imagine it in gray and white!

  26. My niece wants a gray and white quilt. I may have to figure out how to do this on a large scale! Perhaps I will start with a pillow.

    It's a fun and lovely design! Just trying to imagine it in gray and white!

  27. When using monofilimint in the top, what thread do you use in your bobbin?

    1. You could use any thread; usually I use cotton thread, in the color of the backing fabric (or the color of the appliques).



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