04 December, 2013

Aurifil mini quilt challenge

I am part of a mini quilt challenge organized by Aurifil and Sew, Mama, Sew!.  The challenge ? To sew a mini quilt using threads from Camille Roskelley collection (the thread is available at your local quilt shop and in Camille's shop too)

Here is a list of all the challengers, I can't wait to see their mini quilts. They will post the quilts between  December 4 and 10.
Jennifer Waaraniemi of lea & lars
Amy Gunson of Badskirt
Vanessa Lynch of Punkin Patterns
Kelie Copas of Craft Nurse Quilt
Kristin Schwarze of And Chips
Lindsey Rhodes of LRstitched
Penny Layman of Sew Take a Hike

Most of the time I quilt with neutral thread so I was excited to quilt in colors!
Here is the beautiful thread I used. Plus white.

And here are the 2 quilts I made -  I couldn't stop at  one!

At first it was this one - it's about color! And thread too!

Quilt size : 20'' x 20''
It's raw edge applique. I don't like to make appliques but this technique is fast and easy.

I am in the "feather" mood! This year I quilted only feathers!

Learn how to make this quilt - here is the tutorial. And if you love this type of design, come back soon for more! I can't stop making new designs!


And here is the second quilt. It's about thread!  And color too!
I used the pattern of this English paper pieced quilt and I made a wholecloth quilt.
See here details about how I made this quilt.

I wanted to quilt this quilt with colored thread but at the time I did not have the proper thread.

There was a deadline and I thought that changing the thread after each quilted flower will not help at all. So I gave up to the idea but I kept it in my mind. And when the opportunity arrived -  I was there!

There is no need to say how much I loved to quilt this! My sewing machine loves this thread and I love it too.

The thread is 50wt -  it's thin and not the best choice for this wholecloth quilt.   But because I quilt mostly with neutral thread, I had to try it!

The best choice would have been the 12wt thread. Have you tried it ?  For free motion quilting ?
I would like to learn about your experience before starting an  80'' flower sphere quilt. Please share your experience with this thick thread  (used in the needle) and free motion quilting.

And this is the back.

Thank you  Aurifil and Sew, Mama, Sew!  for this challenge!

Let's keep in touch!


  1. I was going to ask what thread you used when I saw your tutorial, but that answers that! Amazing work!

  2. Absolutely stunning. Both of them! Love the wholecloth. Amazing!

  3. I was speechless to see the wholecloth quilt! I have no experience in sewing with Aurifil, but I'll stay closer to find out more. Good luck!

  4. Your quilting skill is simply amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow!!! These quilts are amazing!!! I especially live the raw edge one. Now I'm starting to think what I did ain't going to cut it!! I've got a few days left, maybe I can come up with something! Lol! I really love both quilts!!!! Stunning!!!

  6. Both are so stunning, a big WOW!!!

  7. Un model foarte interesant.
    Culorile si tehnica de lucru
    sunt deosebite.
    O bucurie pentru ochii mei.

  8. They are both so beautiful!

  9. Hi,such beautiful projects!
    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Love your work on both of those. Your applique is so beautiful it looks like it's pieced! Such inspiration and skill you have!

  11. What gorgeous mini quilts you have created! Your quilting skills are astounding!! I especially love the spinning ribbons that match the thread colors!


  12. Both of these quilts are just gorgeous!

  13. Your thread work is amazing--love both quilts!

  14. Both jobs are beautiful Geta.... And I agree Aurifil is one of my favorite threads. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  15. This is incredible! Wow! Both quilts are superb. Lovely work!

  16. I love both your quilts. they are absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for the tutorial x x

  17. Wow both are amazing! You are an inspiration!

  18. These are both just outstanding. If I could feather like that, I would do it all year too. I like the idea of starting small. Beautiful!

  19. You are amazing!! These are both just so gorgeous!!!

  20. Both pieces are absolutely gorgeous - you are a talented lady! Well done!

  21. Your quilts are gorgeous as usual. I am so behind in my blog post reading (and my own posting.) Will be going back to read previous posts that I missed.

  22. Your quilts are gorgeous as usual. I am so behind in my blog post reading (and my own posting.) Will be going back to read previous posts that I missed.

  23. Ok, these are absolutely stunning! I am in awe! I love them both but the appliqué swirl one is amazing!

  24. Both of these are remarkable but I just adore the second flower design with single colour threads used in that innovative way!
    Its japanese-y lol
    Do you 'see' these patterns in your mind or do you use a computer programme to design and come up with ideas using that medium first?
    If they pop up in your mind, could I drop in for a wander round your brain please? lol
    Although whichever way you achieve your designs they are simply stunning and your stitching looks wonderful.
    : ) Lyn

  25. Geta both are amazing beautiful and stunning! Very talented!

  26. You are so very talented. I love both of your challenge quilts!

  27. Inspiring work!! I LOVE your appliqué pattern and it is so cool of you to share.

  28. These are both just stunning quilts! I absolutely adore the wholecloth mini quilt - so very beautiful!

  29. Super sweet quilts! I tend to play with 50 and 30 wt. I'm gonna see if I can get my hands on some of the 12 wt. you mention so I can experiment - it's thicker, no? If you do end up using it, what needle would you use with it?

  30. Stunning! Thanks for the pattern and tutorial!

  31. I love the appliqué quilt but the whole cloth one has blown me away!

    It's just stunning. I have no experience of machine quilting with 12wt thread but what I love about this quilt is the subtlety of the quilting and maybe you'd loose this with a thicker thread?

  32. These are so beautiful. I LOVE the one on white with the colored thread. I'm so glad to have found your blog.

  33. I am so glad to have found your blog .Your work is amazing. I absolutely adore your talent thanks for pattern and tutorial.

  34. Thank you very much for your generosity Geta

  35. Absolutely stunning! Both your quilts are just stunning. What thread did you use in the bobbin?

  36. This quilt is on Pinterest, but couldn't see the designer (I have added your info on my site.) I have been an admirer of yours for some time and think this quilt is fanTASTic! Your skills are incredible and amazing!!!

  37. Your quilts always leave me in awe. I stumbled upon your blog a couple of years ago and have never, ever been disappointed when looking at your pictures. You are a true artist! Thank you so much for sharing your works!



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