27 October, 2014

Free Motion Quilting

I advice my customers who work on patterns that require marking the quilt top to start the quilt when they have time to finish it quickly. The less time the colored marking stays on fabric the better!

And I started this quilt three months ago!  Now it is finally quilted and is waiting to be washed. I hope there will be no surprise (because I used these markers that I already tested)!

Free Motion Quilting

I hope you are having a great week,

PS. I am more excited about the quilting you don't see in this picture!

26 October, 2014

A lesson!

So I stitched these beautiful bags. They are made from quilting fabric and Decovil light interfacing. The lining is heavyweight fabric from Ikea.

This is one of my older bag pattern, Chantal. I don't like pink but this combination with gingham is irresistible!

bag patterns

bag patterns
I spent some time pressing every seam, after each step.

Bag patterns
And I pressed them again, in the end.

Bag patterns
I made the best I could.

Bag patterns
Now I have to pack them (and maybe fold them) and send them abroad to some friends. They will probably have some creases. After some wearing, they need to be washed, and after that, they need to be pressed. I am wondering if those friends of mine will find this a difficult task. Now I have to write some pressing directions for them!

My first thought was to make quilted bags for them, but I ran out of cotton batting. It would have been the best option.

I love more and more the quilted bags - not having to iron a bag after washing is appealing to me. And to anyone, I suppose! Lesson learned!

Click below to learn to sew quilted bags.

Bag patterns

I am linking to Purse Palooza 2014 @ Sew Sweetness.

24 October, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Let's enjoy an online quilt festival - Blogger's Quilt Festival. Thank you Amy for hosting this event.
I enter this quilt in the Original design category.

This is a fusible raw edge applique quilt, with a mosaic effect. The quilt measures 55'', the flower sphere is 42'' in diameter.

A shy beginning...

A promising beginning...

And ready for quilting!

All the fabrics are Kona cotton and it is quilted with Aurifil.

I made this quilt a few months ago, see more pictures and details about how I made it.

Thank you for your visit, enjoy the festival's quilts!


22 October, 2014

Floral Quilt on Black!

Working with black is very unusual for me. Inspired by a bouquet of daisies and red roses from her garden, my sister Nina convinced me to make a flower sphere in these color. And since we had to use white for the flowers, we had to work with a dark background and she chose black.
She wanted black so it was her job to transfer the design from paper to fabric!
She chose the colors for the flowers and then we made the applique pieces.

Raw Edge applique floral quilt
This is the smallest design of my pattern, it measures 15''.

Raw Edge applique floral quilt
The fabric is from the Fossil fern collection, as in this quilt.



Now I have a dilemma! Nina wants black thread for quilting on the black background. I would like white or red or green. What would you choose?
I think I need glasses to quilt black on black!

I am linking to Show off Saturday.

17 October, 2014

Small Flower Garden Quilt

Here is one of the two smallest versions of my Secret Flower Garden quilt.
I love the change in my usual color palette (rainbow!!).

The other version has even a more dramatic look!
Have a great weekend,


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