01 September, 2014

Inspiration for quilts

I can't wait to show you two new quilting designs - inspired by pretty fabric rosettes like this one below.

I just had to buy this pretty collection- Pinhead by Michael Miller. I couldn't resist to a bundle of 42 colors!

And I dreamed of a box of fossil fern for years!
I guess I can't ask anything else to Santa!

I already have on paper the next 4 quilts!! All will be made with these fabrics.
Cant' wait to start them! But first I have to finish my next patterns.

Do you know I don't have UFO's? It's not that I don't make things that I don't finish. But when it is obvious that I will not finish them ever, I give them to friends that have more patience than me and finish them.
I am not afraid to throw things away too! Better in the trash than in my mind!

Have a great sewing week,

29 August, 2014

Lace zippers

I had to buy these zippers! I love the delicate lacy tape and of course, I couldn't resist to such variety of colors!

I am still thinking what to make with them. It should be something small and delicate.

Yesterday while browsing the Internet I saw these gorgeous pouches made by Amy.

Zippers+lace = lace zippers! Isn't this a great idea?

This double pocket pouch is quick and easy to sew and oh, so stylish! The perfect gift that you need for yesterday!

Check Amy's blog to see her gorgeous pouches and learn to sew your own, Amy's pattern is here.

Happy sewing,

28 August, 2014

Quilting feathers on borders

I hate adding borders to quilts.  Sometimes I have to do it- the design was square and I needed a longer quilt. Happy that I had to add only two!!

Then I quilted them and now I see the borders with other eyes.
I think it's the first time I quilt feathers on borders. I loved it! I will do it again, hopefully soon!

25 August, 2014

Quilted texture

Sometimes I am asked why I love to sew with solid fabric. See the answer below!

And the difference between a solid and print quilted fabric.

I still have to bind this quilt, finish two bag and a quilt patterns then I will start other projects.

have a great sewing week,

21 August, 2014

There is always place for "better"

Do you remember this Aurifil wholecloth quilt?
It is one of my favorite quilt. I finished it in a hurry and I did not like how it turned out at all. It's not perfectly flat, it has wavy edges!

The quilt is just gorgeous and there was no other choice than to try finishing it in a better way. I removed the binding of the 75'' quilt and I washed, squared and bound it again.

And here is the new quilt!

Much better! See the next "before and after" pictures for comparison.
Do you want to know what I did differently?

On the back there is a fabric that is a little stiffer than the fabric for the front of the quilt (a cotton chiffon). A few weeks ago I stitched two small quilts with fusible raw edge  appliques. One of them has this fabric on the back and the other has a Kona cotton. After washing there was a big difference between the two quilts. The quilting looks different and the feel of the quilts is different.

So what I did (and I plan to do with all the fusible applique quilts, as the fusible web stiffen the fabric) was to wash the quilt and rinse it with a little fabric softener.
After that, it was much easier to smooth the quilt and make it flat. 

After washing I laid the quilt on the floor to smooth it. And I used a iron (no steam) and gently smoothed the quilt, especially on the center design. I pressed only on the back of the quilt.
If Quilt Police says this is wrong, I don't care! This helps immensely and the texture on the front is not affected.
I pressed on the white background too. See below the difference!

Remember: press GENTLY!

See some details.

So proud of my almost perfect binding.

I am so glad I took the time to make things better!

I am linking to Finish it up Friday.

16 August, 2014

How to quilt spaced pebbles

It's easy- but time consuming as all the pebbles!
Start stitching the pebble as usual. Then outline the first stitching with a new stitching, close to the previous one, but not on top of it. Repeat 3-4 times. Then start a new pebble, leaving enough space between them so they don't overlap.

It's fun and the effect is spectacular, it definitely worth the effort.

Below there are some regular pebbles -  it's not the same thing!

I made this shadow trapunto quilt four years ago; it is one of my favorite quilts. I love, love the texture created by trapunto and quilted pebbles.

How to quilt pebbles
The white design is made out of batting and on top of the batting there is organza- tutorial for the shadow trapunto technique here.

How to quilt pebbles
These pictures remind me why I love so much shadow trapunto!

How to quilt pebbles
How to quilt pebbles
It helps if you use thick thread! I used a white thread for trapunto and for the background quilting I used a thick Valdani variegated thread.

How to quilt pebbles

 And this is the back.

How to quilt pebbles
Spaced pebbles is something I have to quilt more!

15 August, 2014

Geometric Gradation Quilt

I still have 40 blocks to quilt. So today I have to buy a gift!

Here is the quilt top. I made this design years ago and I am happy that I finally used it.

There are 11 different blocks and 121 blocks arranged into a 11x11 grid.

You wouldn't say but it is really easy to cut the pieces for the blocks and to piece them.

The blocks measure 6'' and the green squares vary in size from 1/2'' to 5 1/2''.

I can't help to think of many cool color combinations!!

The final design was 66'' square and as I need a longer quilt, I added two borders, on top and bottom.

Off to buy a gift!
Have a great weekend,

I am linking to Finish it up Friday 

14 August, 2014


25 blocks (out of 121) quilted! And it's 2PM- I don't think I can finish it today. 
I took pictures of the top but I don't have time now to edit them. But I am anxious to show it to you!

I thought that because the design is simple and there are only two colors, there is space for some special quilting. And here is what I am quilting.

I spent some time drawing different quilting motifs onto this sealing wrap. A friend of mine from USA sent me a roll (the stuff I find here is not as great as this one).

I placed it on top of the quilt and with water soluble marker I started doodling different motifs. Great idea if you are not sure how the quilting will look on your quilt.

Back to quilting!

Edited to add

To clarify - I don't stitch anything through sealing wrap. Before I start quilting, I just "test" how a quilting motif would look on the quilt. Once I made my decision,  I remove it and quilt as usual - only through quilt sandwich.
I am sorry if my pictures confused you! 

13 August, 2014

WIP- two color quilt

121 blocks all ready for joining into the quilt top.

I still have to do a lot of piecing, but I hope to start the quilting today!

12 August, 2014

Two color quilt

I surprised myself how much I loved to cut all these pieces -  4.5 yards of fabric.

I am anxious to piece them- I am making a two-color quilt. I hardly found a 2.5 yard piece of fabric in my stash. It's green, of course.

It has to be washed and bound by Friday! Let's see if I can do it.

Do you use price tags? I find a use for them all the time!

Let's sew now!


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