30 January, 2015

Faux Leather Shopping Bags

So here is the faux leather shopping bag.

Faux Leather Shopping Bags
Because the wrong side of faux leather is really ugly, I thought to add lining. It is as easy to sew it with lining as it is without it.

Faux Leather Shopping Bags
Do you like the assorted straps?

Faux Leather Shopping Bags
It is a little bigger than the previous versions.

Faux Leather Shopping Bags

Faux Leather Shopping Bags
Now see how hard working I am! I made these in 5 minutes! I would die to have that green in the top right corner!

Faux Leather Shopping Bags
Now to wash and bind that quilt that I finished before Christmas!

Have a great weekend,

29 January, 2015

Shopping bags

 I couldn't imagine that sewing shopping bags is so much fun!

I have now one more reason to look for beautiful home decor fabric.

And of course I had to make some bags from quilt weight cotton too. They don't have lining, so you can't use them for things that weight too much. I LOVE them because they don't take much space in a bag. 

One more bag (out of faux leather) on the list!
Pattern coming next week.


26 January, 2015

Valentine's Day Quilt - free pattern

If you need a quick Valentine's Day Quilted project, here is a tutorial for an easy appliqued heart design enhanced with trapunto.

Valentine's Day Quilt - free pattern
I finished the 16'' design into a pillow, but a little wall hanging would be great too.

Valentine's Day Quilt - free pattern

1. Materials list- for the quilted front of the pillow.
  • 18''x18'' background fabric
  • 18'' x 18'' batting and backing
  • 11'' x 13'' red scrap for the applique hearts
  • 11'' x 13'' batting scrap for trapunto
  • water soluble pen and temporary glue
2. Print the design

Click here to download the 16'' design.
  A 7'' design is also available. If you need a bigger design, enlarge it.

Print the design in the original size. A test square is included on the first page.
Measure it to make sure that you print the pattern at the proper scale.

3. Assemble the paper pattern
Tape the pages together. To easily tape one page to another, remove the right margin of the first page (cut on the red dashed line) and tape the first page to the second page, and so on across the row. Use a similar method to tape the rows together.

4. Transfer the design onto the background fabric

Tape the paper pattern to a window and transfer the design onto the background fabric, keeping it centered. Use the water soluble pen.
If you use a light color background, you are able to see the design through fabric, without the help of a window.

Valentine's Day Quilted Pillow
5. Prepare the applique pieces
From the paper pattern, cut out the heart templates.

Valentine's Day Quilted Pillow
Turn the templates wrong side up and place them on the wrong side of the red fabric. Trace around the templates and cut out the fabric hearts.
Handling the pieces carefully (it's easy to distort them), glue them in place on the background fabric.

Valentine's Day Quilted Pillow
Place the trapunto batting underneath the fabric; make sure it covers the heart applique design.

Below is the view from the back. Applique the heart design, stitching through all the layers. I used the walking foot, a narrow zig zag stitch and red thread (that matches the heart fabric) in the needle. 

Valentine's Day Quilted Pillow
I stitched the lettering with free motion quilting and a darning foot.  You could use the walking and straight stitching too.
I used white thread for lettering, you could use a contrasting thread.

Cut away the batting around the heart design and lettering.
If you need more information about trapunto, see the trapunto tutorial.

Valentine's Day Quilted Pillow
Now the top is ready for quilting. Add batting (I used two layers) and backing and quilt as desired.
If you have a helper like mine, you should quilt it in no time!!

First I outlined the trapunto design (the hearts and lettering) and then I did a very dense quilting around the lettering.
Then I stitched the red hearts outside the applique design with the walking foot. Then I filled the space between the red hearts with feathers.
Everything was quilted with Aurifil. I love this kind of trapunto that doesn't require water soluble thread!

After finishing the quilting, the piece must be washed, to get rid of the marking lines. Until it's washed, you can't say too much about how it turned out - the marking lines are very annoying!


I outlined the letters 4-5 times. They are small, the whole space taken by lettering isn't bigger than 2.5'' x 4''.

Valentine's Day Quilted Pillow

I hope you like it.
Happy sewing,
I am linking to Finish it up Friday.

Let's keep in touch!

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23 January, 2015

A New Dresden Fan Quilt

I am making a Dresden Fan quilt. A new version of the quilt I made in 2011.

I am using polka dots again, just different polka dots...

I have even white on white polka dots...

If you remember, I am not fond of turned edge appliques.

That's why I chose to turn the Dresden Fan block into an octagon...

then into a square. Who doesn't love piecing squares?

Even if this process is explained in my free tutorial here, I still have requests for a complete pattern. Which I am finally doing.
I already filled pages with instructions and tips. Maybe because I am not a perfectionist when it comes to piecing and I needed some tricks!
Life is easier when you know the right trick!

This is definitely a fun block! I still need 2-3 days of work to finish the top.

Have a great weekend,

22 January, 2015

Trapunto Fun!

More about it on Monday.

Trapunto quilt

I sent this design to nine quilters, are you making progress on it? Will you share your quilt on Monday too?
I am really anxious to see your versions.

Now, after some trapunto fun, I am having fun with colors and polka dots. Pictures tomorrow!


17 January, 2015

Calling for pattern testers

Last year I stitched more quilts than bags, now I have more bags than quilts on the "to do" list.

These shopping bags are addictive! But I don't worry that I sew too many!
This fabric from Ikea is to die for! I don't know for how long they will manufacture it, I think I need to stock a few (or many) yards!

bag patterns
I took pictures for the pattern (which, by the way, is so quick and easy) and I needed a fabric that clearly shows the right and wrong side of it. I searched in my stash and I ended up making a faux suede shopping bag. It's so precious that my mom didn't want it!!

bag patterns
At first I made it flat (I love this shape and the fact that when it is folded, it doesn't take too much space in a bag) then I boxed the bottom (more practical).

bag patterns
I still have to write the instructions for the shopping bags, but for the bag below, the pattern is done.

Last year I made so many bags using this pattern. They are so comfortable and spacious - my sisters don't want to use other bags anymore.

bag patterns

bag patterns
As I plan to release more patterns this year, I need a few more testers for bags and quilts too! Would you like to become a tester?

For the shopping bags you need two different decorator fabrics.
For the tote bag, quilt fabric is great and you need a medium to heavyweight interfacing. If you don't have it, you could make a quilted bag.

If you think you could sew the pattern in about two weeks and send me some constructive feedback and a few good pictures of your work, please let me know.
Unfortunately, I can't pay you for this - only with the updated pattern and many thanks!

Thank you,

Edited to add:

Thank you so much for your quick response, I have now a long list of bag and quilt testers.


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