02 July, 2015

15 Quilting Tips I've Learned in 15 Years of Quilting

I still remember the first day I browsed quilting pages on Internet. It was 15 years ago! And the quilting world was very different than what it is now.

I remember someone telling me a few times: "You will be bored soon! You will give up"! Well, I am happy that 15 years later, I still quilt and more important, I still ENJOY quilting. And this is amazing because these were 15 years of lonely quilting - my only connection with other quilters being through Internet.
I can say that fabric, batting and thread are my best friends!

If you have under your belt a few years of quilting, you already have learned some quilting tips and tricks on your own.
If you are a beginner quilter, you are probably overwhelmed by the abundance of information about quilting.  So here are a few things that guide my quilting journey, things I've learned from my experience and from my own mistakes.
I hope some of them will make your quilting easier and more enjoyable.

quilting tips
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Do you need more information? Here are a few articles with more detailed information.

Prewashing fabric

Starching fabric - 1

Starching fabric - 2

Color palette for quilting projects

Guide to batting

Cheap washable markers

Best needles for quilting 

Edited to add:
New post about washing the quilts coming soon.

26 June, 2015

New quilt patterns

I am so glad I finished these quilts and patterns!
The apple quilt is really a fun quilt.

raw edge applique apple quilt pattern
At this medium size  - 30'' x 34'', the appliques and the quilting were quick and easy.

raw edge applique apple quilt pattern
And the paisley motifs fills the space quickly!!

raw edge applique apple quilt pattern
I used a thick and fluffy polyester batting and I basted the quilt sandwich with adhesive spray, I like this basting method for small or medium size quilts. It's especially helpful when working with applique quilts - not having to pin through applique pieces is nice!

raw edge applique apple quilt pattern
And do you remember this smaller version?

raw edge applique apple quilt pattern
If you want to make apple quilts, here is the pattern!

raw edge applique apple quilt pattern

Stitching this pieced block below is really addictive!

patchwork quilt pattern
I made the block in multiple sizes and it was hard to stop at these!
The fabric is Robert Kaufman Fusions and the quilting thread is Aurifil.

My favorite project is this table runner. The two-color blocks measure 14''.

patchwork quilt pattern

patchwork quilt pattern

patchwork quilt pattern

And here is the pattern- with instructions for making the block in 5 sizes.
I am sure you can't stop at one block too!

patchwork quilt pattern

Happy sewing and thank you for your support.


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