12 December, 2014

Color Me Rainbow - raw edge applique quilt pattern

I am happy to share with you "Color Me Rainbow" - my newest quilt and pattern.
Quilt size: 25'' x 25''
Center design: 20'' diameter

raw edge applique quilt pattern
Isn't fun that a fabric rosette inspired this pattern?

raw edge applique quilt pattern
I love making small quilts- not too much fabric needed, only a few hours to put the top together and best of all, so easy to quilt! And did I mentioned the wonderful technique that is fusible raw edge applique?

I think this is one of my favorite quilt.

raw edge applique quilt pattern
It's not only the beautiful fabric -  Fossil Fern by Benartex.

 raw edge applique quilt pattern
I love the quilting on the rainbow design...

raw edge applique quilt pattern
But I love even more the quilting on the background.

raw edge applique quilt pattern

raw edge applique quilt pattern
It was a last minute idea!

raw edge applique quilt pattern
There is a very narrow space between the colored pieces- less than 1/4''.

raw edge applique quilt pattern
It's very easy to quilt feathers on these narrow pieces. I tried to quilt as close to the edges as possible, as the edges were not stitched down during the applique stage. It's only quilting, no zig zag stitches on the edges. And this pictures were taken after washing.

raw edge applique quilt pattern
I paired the Aurifil 50wt thread with a Jeans Needle and quilting over fusible web appliques was an enjoyable experience and the quilting looks so beautiful.

raw edge applique quilt pattern

I love, love this little quilt, and the other one in the series- Color Me Hexy!


Patterns available, if you want to sew your own versions.

raw edge applique quilt pattern
raw edge applique quilt pattern

09 December, 2014

New Geometric Gradation Quilt

Unfortunately, I don't have a better picture of my new quilt. This one is before adding the borders.

The final quilt looks like this diagram. I LOVE it and can't wait to see it quilted.
There are 132 x 6'' blocks, in 10 different patterns. The size before borders: 66'' x 72''. With 6'' borders: 78'' x 84''.

I know this is a busy time of the year for everyone, but if you need a quilt for Christmas and want to try something new, maybe you would like this quilt?
I will be happy to send you this pattern if you could stitch it (only the top) before Christmas (I pieced it in two days) and tell me if the numbers are correct:)

If you are interested, please send me an email (my address is in the right side bar).  Thank you for your help.

Fabric needed:

  • Background fabric (I used tan) for the 132 blocks: 3¾ yards
  • Accent fabric 1 for blocks (I used green): 2/3 yard;
  • Accent fabric 2 for blocks (I used red): 2/3 yard;
  • For borders
    Accent fabric 1: 2/3 yard (you have to piece each border from three pieces- this is the most economical way); allow more if you don't want to piece the borders (a little more than 2 yards).
    Accent fabric 2: 2/3 yard
  • Fabric for binding: 2/3 yard, your choice of color.
It is better to have a little more fabric than it is listed, cutting mistakes happen!

08 December, 2014

Quick and Easy Lace zipper Pouch

I used the last two lace zippers! I have to make a new order!

Quick and Easy Lace zipper Pouch
Do you remember these quick pouches I made some time ago?

Quick and Easy Lace zipper Pouch

Only 30 minutes are needed for one pouch- and that includes the quilting!

Quick and Easy Lace zipper Pouch
Sew with a home decor fabric - you don't need interfacing or quilting -  and you will finish the pouch in 20 minutes!

Quick and Easy Lace zipper Pouch

No fancy zippers?  Regular zippers are fine too.

Quick and Easy Lace zipper Pouch

Some of you asked about the pattern. Here is, if you want to sew your own quick and easy fancy pouches - perfect gifts for Christmas.
Available at a discount price until December 13.

Quick and Easy Lace zipper Pouch

07 December, 2014

Free Quilt Design

Free Quilt Designs for my newsletter subscribers.

Do you need some new ideas for Christmas/winter quilts? Here are a few.

I would have loved to sew a shadow trapunto snowflake quilt. It seems it will not happen this month! Maybe one of you would like to try it? I know I like these designs in every possible color!! I love strong contrasts!

Here is a shadow trapunto tutorial, if you want to sew one.

Free Quilt Design
And these are such quick quilts to make! Small (14'') and just a few applique pieces.

Free Quilt Design
If you want to be on my newsletter list (if you aren't already), there is a form on the right side bar.

Happy quilting,

05 December, 2014

Three Color Quilt

It started as a two color quilt, but I did not have enough fabric so I added the third color. It was the best idea!

I wanted it in a custom size and I had to add borders. In the end, it's not the size I needed. I just couldn't add 10'' wide borders! I have 6'' blocks and a 10'' border seems oversized. On the computer the design looks good, but I did not want to try it on fabric. So after I cut 10'' borders, I adjusted them to 6''. And it looks fantastic. Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures, there is not enough light. I will start quilting in a sunny day (not sure when there will be one!) and I will take pictures when I will make the sandwich.

Three Color Quilt

The pattern? Inspired by this quilt.

Happy weekend,

04 December, 2014

Cath Kidston Love

One of the highlights of my latest trip to Paris was the Kath Kidston shop we found accidentally.
I bought a few things and after we came home, I continually ask myself why I did not buy that thing or why I did not pay attention to other things (like bags!!).

Now I don't waste any chance of increasing my Cath Kidston collection.
A cup bought from Romania, in a beautiful tin.

And from Etsy, heavyweight fabric- cotton duck,

and oilcloth.

Not too large pieces, I have to combine them, can't wait to sew something out of them.

Here is the back. I always wanted to know what's the difference between this material used for bags and the regular oilcloth.  I will learn about this soon.


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